Instructions to Authors
1   The manuscript may be submitted electronically using the electronic submission system on journal website

Research articles related to Biological Sciences and Computer Sciences will be entertained only.
2   Covering letter to editor in chief must clearly declare that the manuscript has not been published before nor has been submitted for publication elsewhere. After publication the copyright of the article will be transferred to the Pakistan Journal of Sciences.
3   Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holders to reproduce any materials such as tables or figures etc. which have already been published elsewhere. Such tables and figures must contain the footnote about their source “with permission”.
4   The Research Papers must include Title, Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Reference, Figures, Graphs and Tables etc.
5   The font size should be 14 with double line spacing.
6   The text should not include more than 15 pages without references.
7   In case of Review Papers/ Reviews, it should include Abstract and subsequent headings and sub-headings. The references cited must be more than 50 and must address the gaps while selecting references.
8   Short Communication or Letter should not include Abstract but must have brief explanation of the problem addressed, Methodology, brief results and conclusion. In special cases (where-ever necessary) may include one or two tables / figures.
9   Title of the Papers

(1) The authors are requested to see that the title of paper is precise and meaningful.
(2) The names of authors underneath the title must be according to the format of Pakistan Journal of Science e.g. Muhammad Hussain it should be M. Hussain.
(3) a) authors from the same department need not write stars b) if there are more than one departments, then give stars to the subsequent departments as well as to the authors from the different departments, than so on and so forth as stars 1, 2, 3 etc.
(4) The corresponding author’s email address must be of the organization concerned, personal email address will not be entertained.

Important Note: - Except Introduction rest of the paper must be in past tense.
10   Abstract
The Abstract of the paper should not exceed 150 words. It should clearly indicate:-
(i) The objective of the study
(ii) The methodology adopted
(iii) The Results and Conclusion of the study
11   Key Words
The authors must provide 4-6 key words at the end of abstract for indexing of the article.
12   Introduction
Introduction must include the purpose and background of work / topic along with most relevant latest references. References should be from 2010 to onwards. However, old references can be used when some ones methodology is followed. The citation of references cited in text should follow the prescribed format e.g. (Qureshi, 2012) (Goodman and Gillman, 2014), (Ahmad et al., 2015). In this section every statement forwarded by the authors must be supported by references.
13   Materials and Methods
Authors must clearly describe the materials used, techniques followed and statistical analysis employed in detail.

The references in this section could only be used where a technique and methodology of a previous researcher has to be followed.

Results and Discussion
The results and discussion should be comprehensive and relevant to the topic.  

(a) The result must include the salient finding and must be append with Tables / Figures / Graphs etc. where necessary
(b) The discussion must be supported with latest references in greater detail, as the results and discussion are the real output of the study. While discussing the salient findings the authors have to clearly justify the results obtained with the support of previous researchers and if the results obtained in the current study were different from the results of the previous researchers, then the authors have to give possible reasons for obtaining different results.  
(c) Figures and Tables should be numbered as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 etc. please see that figures and tables are cited in the text.
14   Ethics Author/s will be responsible to comply with the institutional, national and international guidelines on the use of animals and collecting data on human subjects. Plagiarism must be less than 19% without references according to HEC policy.
15   International System-of Units for manuscripts must be used e.g. mg for milligram
16   Standard Abbreviations should be used in the text. Do not use abbreviations in title. All abbreviations must be introduced in full at first use.
17   After the referee’s review and comments, author/s must submit revised manuscript with necessary corrections/ additions, amendments etc. wherever necessary. Authors must return the corrected copy along with original copy of the manuscript to the editor in chief within designated time. In case of unnecessary delay, paper will be added to waiting list and entertained in next issues.  
18        Genus and Species name should be in full as Latin genus and name in italics when stated first time. The abbreviation of genus name and full species name must be followed in subsequent cases e.g. Pseudomonas arenginos (first time) P. arenginosa thereafter.
19   References List all references at the end, in alphabetical order. Surname or last name. Make sure that all the references quoted in the text are listed in the references list. Several papers by the same author and same year must be followed by a, b, c, etc. after the year. The use of standard abbreviations is preferred. Following information must be provided for each reference.

Author or authors; Year of publication; Title of paper/book; Abbreviated name of journal;

Volume (issue number); inclusive pages. For books and proceedings, name of publisher and location is needed.
20   Journal articles: Malik, M.A., A. Ghafoor, M. Saleem and M.M. Ahmad (1994). Preservation of water melon squash using sodium benzoate and potassium metabisulphite. Pak. J. Agr. Sci. 31(1): 58-60.

Books: Awan, J.A. (2002). Food processing and preservation. 1st Ed. Unitech Communications; Faisalabad (Pakistan). 135 p.
21   Publications Charges: The Council of Pakistan Association for the Advancement of Science (PAAS) in consultation with the Editorial Board of Pakistan Journal of Science has approved the Following rates w.e.f. 01-06-2017

(1) Submission fee at the time of submission (Non-refundable) Rs. 3000/-
(2) Priority fee Rs. 10000/-
(3) Printing charges will be charged at the time of publication.

Manuscript withdrawal policy:
In case authors want to withdraw their article after submission they can do so after sending an official mail signed by all the authors. Without formal withdrawal article cannot be submitted to any other journal. The authors have to pay the processing charges in full when the manuscript is withdrawn.

No cash Transaction in PAAS office for PJS as Publication Charges.

 The payment shall be made as Demand Draft or Pay Order only in the name of Pakistan Association for The Advancement of Science.

Note: The authors are required to go through carefully the comments forwarded by the foreign and local reviewers and must incorporate them in the paper.

The acceptance of article can only be issued by the Editor-in-Chief after the manuscript has passed through the normal procedure of the Peer Review.


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