Pakistan Journal of Science (PJS) provides authors an easy access to publish their research papers. PJS has a broad scopewhere multidisciplinary research papers, books reviews and case studies are published. Editorial board laid down the specific rules, obligations, duties and responsibilities of authors, reviewers, editors and Editor-in-Chief in the following prescribed forms.
  • The primary and foremost obligation of the authors is to present accurate and effective account of research performed in a concise form as much as possible
  • Auditors are liable to provide related raw material for the purpose of Editorial Review
  • Research paper should be written in English (accepted as an International Language) with correct spellings and grammatical mistakes as well as punctuation marks should be used appropriately
  • It is considered unethical to the authors to submit the manuscript or related document at a same time to more than one journal
  • It is the duty of authors to provide sufficient details with appropriate references of codes for public source of information
  • Before submitting a research paper it is a moral obligation of corresponding author to check and verify that presented research papers has been approved by all other co-authors
  • Fragmentation and destructions of research cannot be allowed at any cost
  • Authors are bound to do their research in ethical manners with their best skills and significant information
  • Names of all co-authors and supporters should be mentioned in the form statement
  • It is moral obligation for the authors to inform the editor-in-chief regarding any mistakes and errors, which (s) was found to affect the quality of research paper
  • The authors are requested not to directly communicate with the reviewers. Otherwise paper can be rejected
  • The primary obligation of editors is to properly evaluate the manuscript and papers usually on merit based rather than any ethnic origin, gender, political power, religious beliefs and other prospects of the authors
  • The editor-in-chief has complete authority to accept or reject any summited papers/manuscripts. Moreover, he has a responsibility to deliberate his decisions regarding the publication with other referees and editors for evaluating purposes
  • Maintain the secrecy regarding reviewer (s) name in front of other reviewer(s)
  • It is the obligation of editor-in-chief to respect the intellectual independence of authors
  • Editor in Chief and his related staff are responsible to obey the instructions of Editorial board regarding many distinct issues such as plagiarism, copyright, infringements etc.
  • Editor in Chief and his subordinates are strictly bound not to use and copy any material and substantial that is unpublished with PJS without the consent or permission of authors
  • Unpublished arguments disclosed in submitted manuscript should not be used at any cost in Editor’s own research
  • To share the true and fair information regarding papers review is one of essential and ethical obligation of Reviewer(s)
  • Reviewer is responsible to review the entireresearch paper keenly. Moreover, it is essential to mention his own comments on the review proforma for editor/authors for their understanding
  • Reviewers should clarify their judgment with appropriate references
  • Reviewers should check and judged the quality of research paperand should respect the intellectual capabilities of authors
  • It is a moral obligation of reviewer to respond promptly and ethically
  • A reviewer has the responsibility to treat the research paper confidential document. If (s) he confess that (s) he is not able to review an assigned research paper correctly, then (s) he should inform the editor-in-chief promptly
  • Unpublished arguments disclosed in submitted manuscript should not be used at any cost in reviewer’s own research
  • If Reviewers feels that (s) he has any conflict regarding written script then (s) he may refuse to review the manuscripts
  • The reviewer is requested not to show his/her identity to authors on feedback/comments option.


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